Sovereign Bank - $1,260.00 Credit Card Transfer That Went Through for $5,700.00!!!!

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Worst. Bank. In. The. World. Never in my life have I had the DISPLEASURE of doing "business" with such a HALF-ASSED company. Monkeys could run a more efficient company!

Wanted to do a simple "credit card" transfer from my higher rate Credit Card to Sovereigns Sphere Credit Card for 0% APR for 18mo's.


This happened in July of 2013 and it's STILL not resolved as of October 5, 2013. Great job Sovereign. NOT!

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Sovereign Bank - Rude branch manager


This bank is terrible. The customer service is some of the worst I've ever seen because they don't care about the customer only the money. The bank manager is very rude and condescending. When dealing with a problem I went to the Tewksbury, MA branch hoping to get better service. When I was told they could not help me there I went back to the Wilmington, MA branch and was greeted by the branch manager Tanya with an "I know who you are, i know you spoke with the manager in Tewksbury. Did she not relay the message to you?" When I said yes she replied with "then what are you doing in here today unless it's to close your account."

I will NEVER use Sovereign bank again. I will NEVER recommend this bank to people. These people should not be trusted with your money.

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Sovereign Bank - Worst Customer Service

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In Oct 2012 I went into the Sovereign Bank in Wareham, MA for 3 simple things: 1) take someone off of my account 2) change the mailing address 3) order a new ATM card.

As of March 21st, they have only 1 out of my 3 requests completed after dealing with 3 people, going there in person, and 5 phone calls.

I found out that the previous ATM card I had ordered had been sent to another address not even associated with my account.

To make matters worse, Danielle, the Customer Service Manager, faxed my personal info, DOB and SS# to my work fax machine when I wasn't even at work!

So, now not only is my account compromised with unauthorized people being able to access my account, my own personal information is at risk for identity theft!

Take your money elsewhere where it will be safe and their employees have common sense to not fax your personal information!

Sovereign Bank sent my auto payments thru interoffice mail to make them late

Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment
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A few years ago I thought that I was making my last auto loan payment to Sovereign.I was then informed that I still owed $100 and had no idea how.

When I called to inquire about it, the rep that I spoke with said "You didn't hear this from me, but they do this on purpose. They send the payments through interoffice mail, back & forth, until the grace period expires so they can charge a late fee."!!! WHAT??? I was never informed that my payments were late....because they weren't!!

I then demanded to speak with her superior, then the next...etc, etc.

I got absolutely nowhere with these people and was told that if I didn't pay, they would send me to collections!

For $100 that I didn't even owe, on a vehicle loan that I had paid to them faithfully for years.these are not the type of people anyone wants to deal with.

Get your loans anywhere else!!!!

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Mitbit, this is horrible!Thanks for taking the time to write this complaint.

This is something everyone that deals with this company needs to be aware of.Any idea of how to avoid this from happening?

Not the type I'd willing deal with either!

Sovereign banks are thiefs!!!

Newark, New Jersey 1 comment
Not resolved

I'm a Sovereign costumer for 2 years. I had everything well in my account for 2 years. Until one day I had a fee problem. They charge me $35 dollars for each payment I did i that day. So, the total was $280. I didn't knew that I had insufficient money, and only in that day the rob me almost $300 and the payments I did were $100.

I tried to fix with my branch manager and nothing. Call the costumer service, that is horrible. She just looked to my account and said that everything was legal and they couldn't help me.

Then I talked to the costumer service manager who told me nothing could be done. And I told her, I was going to close my account and all my family because It wasn't anymore a money issue, it was about a "robot" bank that forgot that they have people behind that accounts. My money market had money and I had a clean record. So, if that don't mean nothing I don't want a bank like that.

Don't open a account. They are thiefs and people that only see money. They don't care about their costumer.

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I had the same story...hate them

Sovereign Bank - Soveriegn Bank fails to recognize Power of Attorney

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I currently have Power of Attorney to handle my mother's affairs and I am having difficulty withdrawing money form her account at Sovereign Bank to pay her bills.I am sick and tired of being micromanaged by the women at the Main St.

Woodbridge, NJ and Rt. 35 Ortley Beach branches. At the current time, my mother's gas is scheduled for shut off. My mother is 82 years old and lives alone.

I am a Certified Court Reporter, I make good money, but the micromanagement at Sovereign is illegal.Do they want her to die so that they can freeze the accounts???

Sovereign Bank won't recognize a Power of Attorney

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I have a Power of Attorney for my elderly mother's affairs.When I went to the bank to withdraw money to pay her bills, the Ortley Beach, N.J.

branch refused. My attorney told me to get the name of their legal counsel so that he can write them a letter citing the law. The bank person, Colleen A. Barlowski, refused to tell me.

She stated that the attorneys might be in Pennsylvania or Boston. She didn't know!

She also told me that the person she deals with for legal matters of the bank is a Kori Kaldor, but doesn't know if Kori is an attorney.

Sovereign Bank - Money Costs 2% and sells at 19%

Greenville, South Carolina 0 comments

Having paid a $17,000 loan off with my bank (Sovereign) as agreed, they opened a $10,000 line of credit for me.This line was attached to my checking account with no documents signed.

How...I do not know. I've been with this bank for eight years with never a bounced check. I also had CD's and savings there. Then I find this credit line through FIA Card Services had fees and exorbitant finance charges.

I'd like to buy a $200. item and sell it for $1900. That's what they are doing!

I s this the mob in a suit?This defines "predator."

Sovereign Bank Overdrafts

Williamsport, Pennsylvania 4 comments
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My wife and I have banked with sovereign bank for a year and a half.This year alone we have incured over 600 in over draft fees.

When we check our account it says we have XX.XX amount of dollars available. We would make a purchase. The next day we would be hit with purchases from five days ago that were not posted to the account. These were not checks they were check card purchases.

When I called the bank the said that is their bank policy. They only make withdrawls when the retailer ask for the payment, which could be 3-5 days later. The money is never pulled so your balance never changes. This is a true example.

I would go to the store and go to the atm check the balance. I would have a positive balance I would use my bank card and buy a $1.50 pack of gum. 2 Days later would have a $33.00 charge. My $1.50 pack of gum now cost $34.50.

That would then put me in to a negative balance. I would go and buy gas. At this point I could still use my check card to make purchases with a negative balance. For each purchase I was charged a $33.00 overdraft fee.

When I called the branch manager she said that it is the banks policy is allow charges with negative balance. They then charge you with an overdraft fee for every charge instead of just declining the purchase.

My wife and I are canceling our account with sovereign.

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Every, since the bank has merged with Santander.I have more problems with my checking accounts which 3 of my children are on these accounts.

Ay one point in time my accounts had draft protection along with if a count falls in the red it should sweep from another account. On the 16 May 12, went on line to add money to my daughter was doing something at school when I notice. I went to the bank on the 17 May 12 around 10:30am went and spoke to Ryan who is the bank manger and I said all my accounts were protected and I don't understand what happen again and Ryan (State College, PA) look online and said I would have to wait till Monday when Justin comes back. I was quick peed that the Branch manger couldn't get to the bottom of the situation.

So I placed a complaint the same day 17 May 2 at 5:05. And All to say is I never received that call from the bank period. I called back over 3 weeks and spoke to a few people..and spoke to Jenia and she will be adding to the other complaint that was on 31 May at 11:47AM. I did get a few calls and some ask about my child which is a minor and the bank hung up.

Today I went to use my main account and they canceled my card which was not the account owed the draft Fees, so I called 13 June 12 at 6:27 PM and ask if I would have the branch call then . I do not understand why wasn't this taken care of back in May.

i owe the bank $ back fee if my account were they way they use to be set up this would have never accrue

:( :(


I agree that you really should know what transactions have and have not come out of your account.Really it's not the Bank's job to keep track for you.

However, they really should be reasonable. If you overdraft by $1.50 it doesnt cost the bank $33.00 to cover that amount. Also at one point you had to have enough in your account to cover ATM card purchases. All that changed somewhere and there wasn't much media attention.

Now the Banks have to give us an opportunity to consent to overdrafting our accounts. HMMMMM , What should I do. Also why do we have to swipe our cards and get approval for transactions and then find out we overdrafted.

(WORD?) What the *** did they approve?Lets have some reasonable conversation about this.


I would have to agree with Sandilee on this one. If you are depending on the atm to tell you your balance you are doing something wrong.


If you were keeping a ledger you would know how much is there to spend.The ATM does not know what checks you have outstanding or what check card purchases have not hit yet.

You branch manager was correct in saying merchants differ in how often they submit their charges.Don't blame your bank for your stupidity

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